Through our cooperation with Sail & Surf Pelzerhaken, we have the perfect prerequisite to get you on the board. A huge sandbank and waist-deep water makes it easier to teach and to learn kite-control. The large kitesurfing area, which porvides good teaching conditions at every wind direction, offers enough space for us.

Due to the fact, that kitesurfing is an outdoor sports and we need wind (which is not always there where it should be  ­čśë), we have to be flexible to follow the wind. In order to be able to use as many wind directions / strengths as possible, our main catchment area is not just Pelzerhaken, it includes the area from L├╝beck to Fehmarn.*

If you want to spend your vacation on the beautiful Baltic Sea, we are happy to help you find a suitable accommodation.

*we are also happy to take requests from all over Germany / Austria and will be coming with all our stuff to an appropriate kite spot in your area!