With very good kite control, right positioning to the wind and the ability to start the kite on your own out of the water, we will try the first water start.

Here we will use a 1:2 support setting (1 student, 2 instructors). We will always either a) stay in shallow areas or b) always be escorted by a boat / jet ski. (Our goal is to own our own boat / jetski, to be able to escort all the time)

First, we train to exit the SWAT-board by using the QUICKRELEASE and train the feeling of a “kayak (eskimo) roll “. Due to the very well-balanced SWAT-board, the kiter comes into start / rest position, by itself.

After that, it’s time for the water start. One instructor is always with you, the other instructor is a few meters further to be able to give support after the first successful meters on the board.